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Brittany is your neighbor, and as an independent, she is not beholden to party politics. As a mom, firefighter, nurse, and small business owner, she knows how to get things done. Brittany’s work ethic, experience as an Emergency Room Registered Nurse, and passion for her fellow man make her the best candidate for leading the Great Pennsylvania Comeback.



Restore Excellence in Education

Pennsylvania's students have fallen behind because of virtual learning, lower school standards, and political agendas. Brittany will advocate for Parental Choice. Parents are a child’s first teacher, and they should have absolute say in what and how their children learn. We must restore parental authority over children's education. As mandated by the Department of Education, one-size-fits-all education is holding America's children back. Every child is different. Every community is diverse.

Preserving the Pennsylvania Family

Brittany believes in protecting and empowering the families of Pennsylvania.


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A Better Economy for Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania's unemployment rate continues to lag the national average. Our citizens continue to leave the Commonwealth for greater opportunities in other states. As your State Representative.

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Protecting the Constitution

"We must condemn those who are perpetuating the violence and not the individuals who engage in the pursuit of their constitutional rights."
― Martin Luther King Jr.


Brittany stands steadfast in support of the U.S. Constitution.


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Protecting Election Integrity

The 2020 election created confusion and distrust in our election system. As your State Representative, Brittany will ensure voter confidence in the election process.


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Keep Our Communities Safe

Failed leadership and destructive policies have left Pennsylvanians unprotected. Brittany believes that the label of "crime" should be limited to actions of force or fraud against another individual or group. Brittany believes that our justice system should prosecute and punish such crimes.

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Cut Costs for Pennsylvanians

Brittany wants all residents of the Commonwealth to have abundant opportunities to achieve economic success. The cost of living is rising for Pennsylvanians, and people are leaving the Commonwealth to look for jobs and start lives elsewhere. A free and competitive market allocates resources efficiently, producing the most wealth and satisfying everyone's wants. Any person or group has the right to offer goods and services to others on the free market. The only proper role of government in the economic realm is to protect property rights, adjudicate disputes, and provide a legal framework in which voluntary trade is protected.

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Make Government Work for You

Pennsylvania's government is failing its fundamental mission – serving the people. Our system is broken as our roads crumble and our youth leave the Commonwealth. Brittany believes the legislative process and the administration of government should be open and transparent. Accordingly, all proposed Legislation should be available for review and comment at least five days before being voted on by the legislature. Before voting for or against any bill, it is the duty of each legislator to have personally read and understood the bill in its entirety. Also, all state government budgets and expenditures should be available for review by the citizens on the Internet.

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Making Healthcare a priority

Healthcare safety and access have become a significant issue in the Commonwealth. Pennsylvania has seen an increase in Emergency Department wait times, increased mental health issues, and an increase in domestic violence. Brittany Believes that healthcare prices would decrease, and the quality and availability of healthcare would increase if providers were freed from government meddling and control.

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Establish Energy Independence

Pennsylvania is blessed to have an abundance of natural resources. We can be a global powerhouse in energy production. Brittany will unleash our energy assets to the world and become an energy leader that will create jobs, decrease our reliance on foreign countries and reduce Pennsylvanians' utility bills.

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Volunteerism in the Fire Service

Ninety percent of firefighters in Pennsylvania are volunteers, and there are far fewer of them than in the past. There were more than 300,000 volunteer firefighters in the state in the 1970s. Today there are about 38,000.

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