Pennsylvania’s government is failing its fundamental mission – serving the people. Our system is broken as our roads crumble and our youth leave the Commonwealth. Brittany believes the legislative process and the administration of government should be open and transparent. Accordingly, all proposed Legislation should be available for review and comment at least five days before being voted on by the legislature. Before voting for or against any bill, it is the duty of each legislator to have personally read and understood the bill in its entirety. Also, all state government budgets and expenditures should be available for review by the citizens on the Internet.

Brittany will make government work for you by:
  • Creating a commission that will perform a statewide transparency audit to root out waste, fraud & abuse.
  • Drafting/supporting Legislation that repeals the Johnstown Flood Tax.
  • Voting to invest more money in roads & highways.
  • Voting against bailouts for big business when Pennsylvanians are struggling financially.
  • Drafting/supporting Legislation holding the Turnpike Commission accountable.
  • Drafting/supporting Legislation that amends act 16. That will require all tax revenue from the Medical Marijuana Program to fix potholes across the Commonwealth, help homeless veterans find quality housing and employment, help veterans, if needed, obtain drug recovery/mental health counseling outside of the Veterans Administration, and offset the potential loss in tax dollars from reducing school taxes for citizens 65 and older.
  • Drafting/supporting Legislation that eliminates per diems and requires receipts for reimbursement for all state government employees.
  • Drafting/supporting Legislation that bans all gifts to state employees and state elected officials.
  • Drafting/supporting Legislation that bans special interest groups from running campaigns.
  • Drafting/supporting Legislation that reduces waste and the cost of state and local government.
  • Drafting/supporting Legislation that decriminalizes marijuana in the Commonwealth.

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