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Preserving the Pennsylvania Family

Brittany believes in protecting and empowering the families of Pennsylvania.


Brittany will accomplish this by:


  • Drafting/supporting a Heartbeat Bill that protects human life when a heartbeat is detected (I would have a clause in the said bill that if a pregnancy became a fatal risk to mother or child, terminating the pregnancy can be performed after a heartbeat is detected. I would also have a clause in the said bill that allows abortions to be performed after the heartbeat is detected if two religious leaders from the patients place of worship state that abortions are permitted under their religion)
  • Drafting/supporting Legislation that maintains Plan B access over the counter, and provides condoms through insurance or government subsidization. 
  • Drafting/supporting Legislation that increases access to food and essential items for impoverished children.
  • Drafting/supporting Legislation that creates easier access to early childhood education for all.
  • Drafting/supporting Legislation that would require medical insurance companies in the commonwealth to cover Invitro Fertilization (IVF)
  • Drafting/supporting Legislation that modernizes and reforms our outdated adoption process.
  • Drafting/supporting Legislation that would adjust income requirements for services to reflect modern cost of living and promote two parent households. 


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